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Ring up the Curtain!

Sunday 30 Of June 2019 - 17:30, Teatro Cucinelli

(transcription for piano by 4 hands of the author)

Duo Petrouchka
Massimo Caselli
Alessandro Barneschi
(piano duet)

Igor Strawinsky (1882-1971)

Part I
Popular festival of the fat week:
The stall of the charlatan
Russian dance

Part II
Petruška’s room

Part III
The room of the Moor:
The Moro room
Dance of the Ballerina
Waltz – The Ballerina and the Moor

Part IV
Folk festival of the fat week (evening):
Dance of nurses
The farmer with the bear
The jovial merchant with the two gypsies
Dance of the carters and grooms
The masks
The struggle of the Moor with Petruška
Death of Petruška
Petruška phantom appearance